Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Naming/Welcoming ceremonies are a beautiful sacred way to welcome your child into your family and community. 

The appeal of a bespoke naming/welcoming ceremony is that you get to choose the ceremony that reflects what you want and it is co-created with you.

It is your choice, your ceremony.

A naming/welcoming ceremony may involve you making commitments and vows to your child as loving parents/care givers and you may also wish family and friends to make their own commitments and vows during the ceremony.  It can be an affirmation of you as a family and a sharing of your hopes, wishes and dreams for your child. The ceremony can also be a welcoming of your child into your community and into the world. And it is a deep blessing of your child, for your family and community. The ceremony will normally last around 20 to 35 minutes.

I will meet with you and will listen to what you wish to have included  and I will help you to create a ceremony that is personal to you. I will craft a beautifully written ceremony and I will deliver it in a joyful, compassionate and sensitive way.

You may wish to include readings, prayers, poetry, music, dance, contributions from family and friends, or other forms of reflection, symbolism, celebration and blessing. 

You will receive a presentation Baby/Child Naming/Welcoming Certificate and a presentation copy of the written ceremony to mark the occasion.

A naming / welcoming ceremony often takes place in a hotel or in a family home, but you are free to have your ceremony in a venue or location of your choosing.





What a typical Naming /Welcoming Ceremony may look like

  • Opening music
  • Welcome to the Child and blessing 
  • Prayer, Poem, reading, reflection
  • Announcing the significance of the child's name ( if a naming) 
  • Reflection (with or without music)
  • Parents share their commitment, hopes and dreams for their child
  • Sponsors/supporting adults or 'God parents' / Spiritual guardians share their, commitment, hopes and dreams for the child
  • Naming and/ or blessing of the child
  • Option of further readings, music, prayers, blessings or  contributions
  • Option of providing a gift and explaining a gift
  • Closing words 
  • Presentation of Baby/Child Naming Certificate
  • Closing music


Adoption Ceremony

This is a beautiful way to welcome a child into your family.  It may be incorporated as part of a naming ceremony, or, if the child is already named, as a bespoke welcoming ceremony.  The ceremony is an opportunity for parents, other family members, and friends to make their commitment to the child in a ceremony shared with, and witnessed by,  others.  The ceremony can include all the elements of a naming ceremony, either with or without the naming section, and may include other symbolism or other aspects that are personal to you.

You will receive a presentation certificate and a presentation copy of the ceremony to mark the occasion.

What you can expect from me

  • A home visit to co-create, discuss and design your ceremony or service, taking into account your personal wishes and ideas.  I can assist with ideas and examples of content, such as poems, prayers, readings, music or other personal touches.


  • I will create and produce a beautifully crafted and unique service or ceremony.


  • A draft version of the ceremony will be e-mailed, delivered, or sent to you in order that you can alter, delete,or add to, the content.


  • I will remain in communcation throughout the planning and will also contact you a few days prior to the service or ceremony in order to double check everything.


  • On the day I will give an eloquent, sensitive, warm and compassionate delivery that reflects your wishes and I will hold sacred space for your special ceremony. 


  • There are options for my style of dress.


  • I can provide portable amplification with a microphone and a lectern, if required.


  • A memorial copy of the ceremony and a presentation certificate to mark the event will be given to you on the day.