Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

My contact with you comes at a time that may be painful, difficult and challenging.  My intention is to support you and to work with you in co-creating a fitting, beautiful and personal ceremony. 

I will create with you a sacred personal ceremony in a way that reflects the person and their life and beliefs, and I will hold sacred space in which you can honour, celebrate and ceremonially say goodbye to your loved one. I will craft a ceremony that is true to you and your loved one.

By truly reflecting the person, their beliefs and outlook, and their life, the ceremony can be an uplifting, positive, meaningful, comforting and deeply sacred experience.

A ceremony may be religious, semi-religious or non-religious and may contain aspects of different traditions, spiritual paths or life paths or philosophies.

Ceremonies may include:

Eulogy / Storytelling



Readings - religious/non-religious



Family or friend participation

Other personal touchess or symbolism e.g. candle lighting, small altar, a letter, personal  and sacred objects. 

Whatever is chosen, the ceremony is a bespoke sacred creation, making it individual and unique. 

Where can I deliver a funeral ceremony?

Funeral ceremonies can be delivered in any non-religious venue such as crematoriums, funeral parlours and at gravesides, and ceremony can also take place in a hotel, family home or other venue.  Occasionally, with permission, a ceremony may be permitted in a place of worship.

Memorial and scattering of ashes ceremony may be conducted in various appropriate locations. 

 Fees - from £180 for funeral ceremony

           from £80 for Scattering of Ashes ceremony

An example of how your funeral ceremony might look

  • Opening music - possibly recorded music of your choosing or live music
  • Opening words
  • Reading/ poem / prayer
  • Silent Reflection
  • Singing of hymn or mantra 
  • Main tribute / eulogy
  • Option of contributions from family and friends
  • Moment of quiet reflection or meditation - sometimes with music
  • Committal
  • Closing words
  • Closing music


What to expect from me

  • A phone call soon after I have been notified that you require my services.
  • A home visit will be arranged. This visit is a chance for me to meet with you in order to co-create your ceremony,  to listen to your stories and memories about the deceased person and for me to gather information that will inform my creation of the ceremony. I will assist, if required, with ideas and examples of content, such as poems, prayers or personal touches that can be included. The meeting may be conducted at an alternative venue or by telephone or online, if required.
  • The meeting will normally take around 2 hours and, if you wish me to, I will contact other family members or friends who are not present at the meeting.
  • I will take the information that I have gathered and will produce a uniquely written ceremony  that combines all the elements that you wish to have included with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
  • A draft version of the ceremony will be e-mailed or delivered to you in order that you can add, change or delete anything within the draft.
  • On the day of the funeral or memorial service I will offer a sensitive and compassionate delivery of the ceremony and hold sacred space for all present. 
  • You will receive a copy of the service following the funeral or memorial service.




Scattering of Ashes

I can create and deliver ceremony  for the scattering of the ashes of your loved one.